Lunges are One of the BEST Exercises

here are No Absolutes in the World of Health and Fitness, But…

Thelungeexercise is one of the very best exercises for your legs and butt.  You can perform this versatile exercise just about anywhere, and you can do so with or without weights.

Lunges are also one of the best functional exercises. Functional exercises are exercises which work your body in multiple planes of motion, just like activities of daily living and athletic events.

Lunges are multi-joint movements which strengthen the muscles or your lower body while improving your stabilization and balance. Lunges are very safe and effective for almost everybody and require little or no equipment to get a great workout.

There are so many reasons to perform the lunge exercise. Lunges should be one of the staple

How Do You Perform Lunges Safely and Properly?

If you read about the best leg exercises,  you will already know that the knee is actually made up of three separate joints.

Instead of going through the anatomy and physiology of the joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones of the knee joint, you can look at common knee injuries to help you understand how to perform lunges properly to avoid injury.

To Perform the Lunge Exercise Most Effectively, Keep your Ankle Directly Below Your Mid-Knee

If you perform every variation of the lunge exercise while keeping your ankle directly below your mid-knee, you will not only work the majority of your lower body muscles evenly, you will avoid placing your knees under excessive stress.

When you perform any lunges, lunge forward and place your body weight on your front heel before weighting your toes at all. As you lower your torso toward the floor, concentrate your body weight on the back 2/3 of your foot and never your toes.

At the bottom of the movement, your back knee should be about 1 inch off of the floor with your back toe pointing straight ahead. Since the lunge exercise is a lower body exercise, you must keep your torso upright and your upper body in good posture.

Another Benefit of Proper Lunge Form is that You Stretch Your Hip Flexors, Which Allows You to Work Your Butt More Efficiently


Many Ways to Perform the Lunge Exercise

Before you try any intermediate or advanced lunges, be sure to master the correct form of the basic, beginner forms of the lunge exercise. Here are the most basic forms of the lunge exercise which involve only your lower body. You can perform them while holding dumbbells for added resistance, or just with your body weight.


Beginner Lunge Exercise


Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are the most basic form of the lunge exercise. Walking lunges are great because they are a functional exercises which helps you increase functional strength.

Functional strength will help you live daily life more efficiently while  improving your balance and coordination for athletics.

Start: Stand with your shoulders in neutral posture and draw in your core.

Begin the motion: Step forward, gliding your foot along the ground until your heel touches a few feet in front of you. As your front toe lands, bend your front and rear legs, lowering down until your rear knee is about 1 inch above the floor. Your front heel should be directly below your knee. Both legs should bent at around a 90 degree angle.

From the bottom position you have many options. For the basic lunge, lift your body up at the same time you bring your hips and rear foot


. Just remember that safety and science should always come first. Once you have the basics mastered, feel free to improvise and develop your own workouts.












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