Skip Rope Exercises

          Jump (skip) rope exercises are easy and fun way to maintain a healthy body. These help you lose weight and tone up the body. These also help increase your stamina. So, here are some basic jump rope exercises that you can perform daily.
          Jump rope is an amazing exercise equipment. It's portable and inexpensive, hence, you can just buy one for yourself and start your exercise session. What's more, you can regularly perform jump rope exercises and maintain a healthy body weight. These are one of the effective cardiovascular exercises, that help you lose weight and tone all the major muscles of upper and lower body. It works your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves, hamstring and glutes. Apart from these benefits, the primary advantage of jump rope exercises is that you can perform them anywhere, at home, in the gym or in the parks. So, no excuses! Well, let us now move on to know about the basic jump rope exercises that you can perform daily and improve your fitness.

Five Basic Jump Rope Workouts.

            Before you start the exercises using a jump rope, first you need to get the right piece for yourself. Here's how to find the right jump rope. Stand on center of the rope, grasp the handles and pull them to your chest. Now the top of the handles must be about six inches below your collar bone. Remember, that it must not reach the collar bone or be just up to your upper abs. A bit longer will do, but using a shorter might make you fall. So, now you have a perfect jump rope. Just put on a good pair of cross training shoes and start the workout with this amazing exercise equipment.

Basic Jump


           To start with the basic jump rope workout, keep your feet together and elbows close to your sides. Hold the rope and jump 1 to 2 inches off floor. Swing rope over your head in forward motion and slip it under feet as you jump. Make sure that just the balls of your feet touch the floor. Your wrist and forearms should move, shoulders should not. Continue for a minute. Rest for a minute and again repeat. Repeat this basic jump five times. Go on increasing the duration of jumping and reducing the duration of intervals after every week.

Reverse Back.

            This is similar to the basic jump rope, just the direction in which you swing the rope differs. Hold the rope and start jumping as you would in regular jump rope session, feet together, elbows at sides. This time swing the rope over your head in backwards motion. So, instead of bringing it in front of you, take it back from over your head and let it slip under your feet as you jump. Continue for a minute and rest for a few seconds. Again repeat for a minute. Perform 5 such repetitions. Increase the speed and duration of exercise as you get comfortable.

Alternate Foot Jump.

            This is one of the easiest jump rope exercises. Here you need to skip with alternate feet off floor. The rope will slip under one leg and then raise the next leg, it's like jogging in  place and swinging the rope at the same time. The benefit of this exercise is that you perform double the number of skips in a particular amount of time, as compared to that in basic jump rope.

Running Jump Rope.

           Running jump rope is similar to alternate jump rope, but you don't have to be on the same place. Here you have to run forward while you jump on the rope. Some also enjoy running backwards and performing this exercise, it's fun! You need more space to perform this fat burning exercise.

Double Under Jump Rope.

          Performing double under is a bit difficult. In this, you have to jump higher than that in case of basic jump rope and move the rope faster. Basically, you need to jump, swing the rope and slip it twice under your feet before your feet touch the floor. Again jump and swing it twice. Many perform triple jump rope as well. Well, you need to practice this for a few days to be perfect. But remember that it's not difficult. So, try it and perform as much jumps as you can in a row. Rest and repeat.