Glute Ham Raise  


  • Lie face down on a  glute-ham bench or roman chair (pictured) and place your legs underneath the rollers so that your mid to upper thighs touch the pad. Your hips should hang over the edge of the pad.

  • Maintain your normal spinal curvature as you lower your upper body to create a 60-degree angle at the hips. This is the starting position.

  • Cross your arms over your chest and hold your breath as you raise your upper body parallel to the floor. Pull with your hip-joint extensor muscles to keep them contracted.

  •  Bend your knees to raise your entire body from knees to head until your body makes a 30-degree angle with the floor.

  • Exhale and relax slightly in the top position, but keep your lower back arched. Lower your body by straightening your legs and then flexing at the hips to return to the start position. Repeat for reps.

  • Use a moderate speed without any jerkiness, quick snaps or fast changes in pace.