Concentration Curl


              >> Sit at the edge of ad exercise bench with your legs apart and feet flat on the floor.

              >> To begin working your right hand biceps, lean forward and place your left elbow or  hand on yourleft thigh or hip for support. Place your right triceps on the inside of  your right thigh.

              >> Hold a dumbbell in your right hand with an underhand (supinated) grip and start with your elbow slightly bent.

              >> Inhale, then hold your breath as you raise the dumbbell so that it cames close to touching your chest. Exhale slightly once you pass the sticking point.

              >> pause momentarily, then exhale completely as you return to starting position under control.

              >> Concentrate on flexing your arm by using only biceps without any upper – body swing.

              >> When you complete the necessary number of repetitions with one arm, switch arms and repeat.

Fitness at Home . Sitting CONCENTRATION                CURL (Resistance Band)