Jumping Jacks

                   To perform jumping jacks exercise, you need to jump on quick succession. You can use it both as a form of warm-up exercises and an aerobic exercise. To learn how to do jumping jacks exercise and what are its benefits, read on...
                   Jumping jacks exercise is a form of calisthenics exercise. It involves jumping energetically. Jumping jacks exercise can solve the dual purpose of warming up as well as give you all the benefits of an aerobic exercise but is actually an advanced form of warm-up exercise. Jumping jacks exercises involve many parts of your body like calves, back, thighs and shoulders. If you are a beginner to jumping jacks exercise, the following information will certainly prove to be of great use to you.

How to do Jumping Jacks Exercise.

                    According to experts on jumping jacks exercise, one should warm and stretch their body before doing it. This will loosen and prepare it to jump rigorously. The jumping jacks exercise needs you to jump at a fixed position. While you jump, spread your legs wide and touch the hands above your head. Return to the same position with your feet brought close together and the arms placed at the sides. A great advice here is that you should not clap while touching the hands over your head. The reason is that it will strain your shoulders over a period of time.


                    In case, you find it difficult to touch both the palms, do not push yourself to do it. Rather, bring the hands only halfway up. When you are comfortable performing the exercise and confident of touching both the hands over head without getting any sort of injury, you can proceed with doing it.  You should follow some of these great tips mentioned below while performing jumping jacks exercises to prevent your body getting strained and tired early. While doing jumping jacks exercise, you should stand up straight, keep the abdomen firm and avoid twisting of the body and its parts as far as possible.


                   Maintaining an appropriate body form is very important for obtaining all the possible benefits of jumping jacks exercise. If you wish to perform jumping jacks exercises with greater intensity, then bend down and touch the floor in between each jump. You can also bend to touch the toes in between the jumps. This will help you increase the flexibility of your body. Doing jumping jacks exercise for about 5-6 minutes is sufficient to begin with. Gradually, increase the time length as you feel comfortable.

Benefits of Jumping Jacks Exercise.

                    The jumping jacks exercise benefits are innumerable. As jumping makes your body work rigorously, there is an increase in the rate of heartbeats, and thus circulation of blood in your body. Thus, jumping jacks exercise takes form of a cardiovascular exercise. Your body loosens and gets prepared for more intensive exercises. When you do it on a regular basis, it increases your balance and stability, strengthens cardiovascular system, enhances stamina and endurance, improves jumping ability and coordination and boosts immune system of your body. You can derive all these benefits of jumping jacks exercise by doing it even in small amounts, but with regularity.