Foods For Nervous System 

              A healthy nervous system is an integral part of well-being. Strong, healthy nerves make sure organs are functioning properly, they ensure that the body is capable of sensing the external world, and they even are important for optimal mental functioning and psychological well-being.

             Knowing how to keep the nervous system healthy is just as important as supporting the circulatory system, making sure your bones and teeth are strong and taking care of immune health. Eating a healthy diet for the nervous system is one way to make sure the body's nerves have the nutrients they need in order to thrive. In fact, nutritional deficiencies of some of the B vitamins can be a direct cause of nerve damage. A nervous system diet can also help to prevent the health problems that come with damage to the nerves, which range from weakness to trouble controlling what were normally automatic functions. Find out what nutrients are important and what are the best food sources to include in your diet to help keep your nervous system healthy.

What Nutrients are Important?

           A well-balanced diet is important for a healthy nervous system, but some nutrients are more necessary than others. Vitamin B6, B12 and folate are particularly essential for nerve health. Vitamin B6 is needed for proper brain functioning. A deficiency can lead to depression, trouble learning, memory loss and numbness. Vitamin B12 helps with the growth of the nervous system and the protection of nerves. It is possible that this vitamin may help to prevent some neurological diseases. Folate is also linked with healthy nerve function and a lack of this nutrient may lead to irritability, insomnia and depression.
           Essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3's, make up part of nerve cells. A variety of amino acids are needed for the development and support of the nervous system. Eating a variety of protein and fat sources, including seafood, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains, is the way to get plenty of essential fatty acids and amino acids in your diet for a healthy nervous system.

Foods That are Good for the Nervous System.

         Which foods are the best for nourishing the nervous system? Fish are renowned for being food for the brain, and for good reason. They are a good source of vitamin B6. Fatty fish such as Nile Perch, salmon, mackerel and sardines are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein. Both mackerel and herring are high in vitamin B12. Salmon and tuna are great choices for folate.
          Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are also great foods to eat to keep the nervous system healthy. They are rich in fatty acids, amino acids and contain a small amount of folate, as well as magnesium, which is an important mineral for nerve health.
Green leafy vegetables and sea vegetables should also be included in your diet for a healthy nervous system. They are nutrient-dense, with plenty of folate as well as antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E to help protect cells from free radical damage. Sea vegetables are one of the only vegetarian sources of vitamin B12.

          Eating fish two or three times a week, regularly snacking on seeds and enjoying a green salad every day is the way to nourish your nervous system with food. A healthy diet may or not be the cure for any disease, but eating well and constantly replenishing nutrient stores with healthy foods can certainly help to reduce the chance of having to face health problems.