On-Line Programs

       OUR pay-per-month subscription models includes workout videos and progressive workout plans, and offer nutrition advice- all for a monthly rate ranging from $20 to $30. They're convenient and “ease” is the number-one benefit of our online workouts

       Working out at home removes the anxiety that new exercisers may have about going to the gym. Many people want to get in shape before going to the gym, so this enables them to do so.
      Doing online workout is a lot less expensive than a gym membership. And you can do a complete workout in the time it would take to get to the gym so you save time too. You can also access brand new workouts each week because we’re able to post new workouts online very fast..

     These programs will be tailored to your specific needs, plus you can develop a personal relationship with the coach. You’ll get specific nutrition advice to complement your workouts.Without nutritional intervention, you won't see much improvement...




Moses Njue


Moses is the head of tutors and  lecturer at Alison Caroline Institute Int. Ltd. He teaches Pilates, combined gym/aerobics and diet 
nutrition, Sports Massage, Anatomy and Physiology.
Moses ,together with the ACI team, drive the overall direction of Alison Caroline Institute Int. Ltd with a strong
forward- thinking discipline based on relationships and sustainability.

Personal Strengths
 Enthusiastic.
 Trustworthy.
 Creative.
 Disciplined.
 Patient.
 Respecting.
 Determined.
 Dedicated.
 Honest.
 Versatile.

 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for physical activity.
 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.
 Diploma in Gym/Aerobics Instruction.
 Diploma in Sports Massage.
 Diploma in Pilates.

Kenya on-line fitness programs- contact Moses @http://www.thcfitnessdigest.com/#!contact/c2q4



POSITION TITLE: Research Scientist, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Nairobi

                      Chairman Kenya Dental Association 

                      Dental surgeon @ The Nairobi Dental Suite

Bachelor of Dental Surgery  (University of Nairobi)

MSc Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry  (Manchester)

My training in dentistry has prepared me to conduct clinical research in oral health. Of particular interest is the research on oral health status in school going children, maternal periodontal disease. Over the last ten years I have participated on a number of research projects targeting school children and dental caries prevention and promotion through various grants from the World Dental Federation (FDI), Rotary Club and the American Dental Association (ADA). Currently I am the lead researcher in an ongoing project on the role of maternal periodontitis and preterm birth.


Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

2004-2007:         Dental Officer, Ministry of Health.

2007 - 2010:       Senior Dental Officer, Ministry of Health

2010 – 2015:      Head of Section, Dental Section, Aga Khan University Hospital

2013 - 2015:       MSc Student University of Manchester

2015 - to-date:    Research Scientist, Centre for Clinical Research, KEMRI


Other Experience and Professional Memberships

2007 to-date:   Member, Kenya Dental Association




Consultant Physician & Cardiologist​


Professional Statement

Dr. Pamela Ombale is a connsultant Physician and Cardiologist with more than 15 years of medical practice. She runs her Cardiology and practice at the Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza. She also has admission rights at the MP Shah Hospital .

She provides a rigorous evaluation of a patient to develop comprehensive treatment plan. She guides her patients through diagnosis and management of heart conditions and assesses risk factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other internal medical conditions.

She is a strong advocate of healthy heart lifestyles and she gets involved in major public health functions.

Dr. Ombale works with patients to understand their symptoms and develop effective treatment plans for conditions including; coronary artery disease (CAD), heart attack and high blood pressure.

She also provides expert advice and treatment on respiratory, gastrointestinal, diabetes and related disorders.

Education & Training

M.B.Ch.B. (UoN)

M.Med (INT Medicine, UoN)

Post graduate Cert. Cardiology (University of Swansea)