Looking to slim down? Want to cut 10 to 20 pounds? A light exercise routine, one that varies time wise, could be the beginning of a healthy life. There are countless books on trimming up the waist and gaining arm strength, but if you are short on time and money, a healthy dose of light workout routines wins out versus a major heavyweight workout routine.


      Step 1
                Try a light jog. Few will be able to start jogging miles from the beginning. However, even a few laps around your property or apartment can make you start breathing hard. This is not about winning the Olympics, but about starting out a workout routine and getting the heart pumping. Find a good place to jog, whether it is on your property, at a park or around a track, and use it to start your workout routine.
      Step 2
                Start lifting light weights. Yes, many of us would like to bench-press a few hundred pounds on the first try, and there is nothing wrong with sculpting biceps and triceps. However, these routines do less to help your health than a steady diet of light weights does. Start out with 5-pound weights and build yourself up to 10 and 20. You are not trying to break down the muscles; this is about getting into a set routine to get the basics first. A good routine is to time yourself with a 5-pound weight, doing one motion such as curls for 1 to 2 minutes, and then moving onto something that works the triceps. Try to set 10 minutes aside for this, and you will see definitive results.
      Step 3
                Do push-ups and sit-ups. This is just the basics of working out. Really, sit-ups and push-ups can do wonders for your body. If you are already beginning the routine of using light weights, keep the push-ups limited so you do not stress your muscles too much. One or two sets of 10 to 20 reps will do fine. Sit-ups work different muscles. Try to see what your back can support in terms of sit-ups. A small motion may cause less stress. Beginners should start with about 10 sit-ups in 3 sets. You can work your way up to 50 sit-ups in 3 sets for maximum affect.
      Step 4 
                Bike a few miles. A good way to end the workout routine is to bike a few miles. This is less stressful on the body, but will still work on many muscles. An indoor bike can also be used, or one at a gym. At this point, you are just trying to finish up the workout with something easier.
      Step 5
               Stay with the routine. These steps will not work without some determination. Even a 30-minute workout can make some people weary. The results will pay off if you continue. Using light weights, push-ups and sit-ups, and jogging and biking will allow for better health. You need not spend hours every day on this, nor do you need thousands of dollars in expensive equipment. The good thing about this light workout is, beyond just the reasonable startup price, if you do quit there is no major loss. A 120,000 ksh gym will only be a reminder you wasted your money. A 5000 ksh weight set looks pretty good, doesn't it?